Additional Complementary Options That Can Be Included In Your Session

Orthopedic Positioning System:

At Camarillo Prenatal Massage, the treatment cornerstone is the use of a versatile orthopedic positioning system. Crafted from advanced training and a thoughtful assembly of various prenatal position systems, I’ve skillfully combined techniques, pillows, and orthopedic bolsters to create an enhanced prenatal massage experience. This unique system supports optimal alignment, maximizing your ease and comfort throughout the session. Mamas often express their desire to sleep in this setup at home.

​Warm Towels:

Tailored to your needs, warm towel therapy can be expertly applied to various areas of the body, including the back, arms, legs, and feet. The most luxurious experience is the application to the feet, elevating relaxation while efficiently removing lotion. This ensures a safe and comfortable transition for you to leave the table and put on your shoes.

​Gua Sha Bodywork:

Gua Sha Bodywork is my interpretation of ‘scraping,’ traditionally performed with metal tools in chiropractic and physical therapy offices. Using a Gua Sha tool instead of metal implements offers a gentler, more therapeutic, and relaxing experience.

When combined with massage, Gua Sha Bodywork can help alleviate pain, increase range of motion, remove tissue adhesions, and reduce swelling. Enhancing the effectiveness of Gua Sha Bodywork is possible by incorporating topical pain reduction treatments.

​Dynamic Cupping:

Explore the therapeutic efficacy of dynamic cupping on my professional wellness platform. This advanced technique uniquely addresses pain reduction, improved functional capacity, and enhanced flexibility, without the hallmark bruising associated with traditional stationary cupping methods. My approach involves precise cup movement, ensuring a tailored and refined experience. Dynamic cupping can also be seamlessly combined with Gua Sha Bodywork and Topical Pain Relieving Treatments, offering a comprehensive and integrative approach to holistic wellness. The observed side effect is minimal, with temporary redness in the treated area that typically resolves within days. 

DoTerra Essential Oils:

Discover the aromatic excellence of DoTerra Essential Oils—an exquisite addition to your massage experience. Tailored to your preferences, these oils offer a range of scents from relaxing to uplifting. Before your massage, personalized recommendations will be provided, allowing you to choose the perfect oil for a truly immersive and sensory journey.

I also have the oils used in the session in stock, just in case you want to take the magic of the massage room home with you or even into your delivery room!

DoTerra Deep Blue:

Experience the soothing relief of DoTerra Deep Blue, a blend of comforting essential oils designed to alleviate pain in harmony with massage therapy. Mamas love this treatment, especially on achy areas like their lower back and feet. Elevate your well-being with this powerful combination. 

Topical Castor Oil Treatment:

Topical Castor Oil, combined with abdominal massage and gentle heat application from a hot water bottle over a thick flannel cloth. This carefully curated approach enhances absorption of the castor oil, promotes relaxation, and maximizes effectiveness, potentially assisting with:

  • Breaking up pelvic congestion for those in the trying-to-conceive and postpartum recovery phases.
  • Breaking up adhesions to foster improved blood and lymph flow.
  • Softening bowels through their mild cleansing effect.

This treatment can be used during TTC and Postpartum journeys 

​Veritas Farms CBD Balm:

Discover the excellence of Veritas Farms CBD Salve, one of the top-rated CBD products on the market. A little goes a long way, providing relief for achy areas from the back to the hands to the legs. When combined with massage lotion, it spreads easily and penetrates deeper into muscle tissue, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your massage.

This treatment can be used during the postpartum period 

Prossage Warming Massage Oil:

Prossage oil enhances targeted deep-tissue massage sessions that effectively reduce or alleviate pain. This treatment is elevated through the thoughtful combination of lotion and warm towel application, ensuring a comprehensive and professional therapeutic experience. 

This treatment can be used during the postpartum period