Frequently Asked Questions

I typically book out 4-6 weeks in advance. I keep a cancellation list that I regularly check and offer to move up scheduled appointments whenever there is an opening.

My advanced training is in prenatal and postpartum massage.

I also see women who are trying to conceive through fertility treatments. Prior to each step of your fertility process, please obtain your doctor’s approval for a massage. Once you are pregnant, we will suspend massage treatments until after your first trimester.

As far as the adoption process, whether you are the birth or adoptive mom, you are welcome to become my client.

My cancellation policy states that I require a 24 hr notice to cancel/ reschedule an appointment. However, if you are sick, in labor, or have a true emergency, please do your best to give me at least a 4 hr notice prior to your appointment. See Cancellation Policy for details.

  • Stress reduction and overall relaxation, which not only helps throughout the pregnancy but also prepares the mother for labor by allowing her to connect to her body.
  • Improved circulation, which assists with relieving swelling and overall improved blood flow to the baby and mom.
  • Movement of lymph fluid, which aids in enhanced immunity function.
  • The physical nurturing touch to the skin, which enhances brain stimulation, aids in placental functioning, and improved hormone function.
  • Reduction and relief of pain throughout the body that are present due to a mother’s ever changing body.

References: (Osbourne, Carole. Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, A Comprehensive Guide To Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Practice 2012)

  • Providing nurturing touch and support as the mom is recovering from labor and the rigors of taking care of a newborn
  • Helping to support circulation to relieve the expelling of excess fluids that have accumulated during pregnancy and labor that can result in swelling
  • Improving circulation through massage stimulates the nervous system to aid in improved hormone function
  • Helping to put the body back into alignment through muscular manipulation
  • Helping with pain reduction and alleviation especially with conditions like “nursing neck” and abdominal recovery

References: (Osbourne, Carole. Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, A Comprehensive Guide To Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Practice 2012)

Once a month is considered a maintenance massage plan. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, every 1-2 weeks might be a good regimen. Individualized plans can be designed for and with you after your session.

At this time, I only accept cash, debit/credit cards through Square & online payments through my professional Venmo.

Some insurances allow a written letter from me or a form letter from your insurance company to be filled out for you to be reimbursed. Please inform me of how I can support you in this matter.

I do! Gift certificates make great shower gifts as well as congratulatory presents for moms after the baby is born!

Yes. I offer packages of a series of 3 or 5 sessions with a discount of 10%-15% off!